Hola from HSP Madrid

During 2015 some HSP people who shared the trait of high sensitivity met in Madrid and, along the meetings, realized that a high sensitive reference was needed in Madrid, in order to:

a) visibilize this trait in our daily life
b) provide trustworthy and reasonable information about the high sensitivity and ways to manage it
c) organise activities and meetings to mingle and share experiences as HSP.

And, finally, all of that great adventure took us in 2016 to create MadridPAS, the HSP association in Madrid (as HSP means PAS in Spanish!).

We are an organic association: we invite you to participate, suggest and grow as a group. We have build a meeting point and a social structure to ease and canalize all together every highly sensitive propose. As we believe in the collective and non-profit contribution, we are open to suggestions and collaborations within the framework of the aims of the association.

Our activities

Our meetings and activities tend to allow us to mingle with other HSP, sharing and feeling recognized in a relaxed and confidence environment. Peaceful activities are our favorite options. For example, a coffee meetings, general or thematic, to read relevant texts, talk & put together, walking in nature environment, high sensibility related workshops, summer picnics in urban parks, excursions to Madrid sorroundings, taking part in the cultural agenda, highly sensitive tours in the city…

Contact us

We are open to any thoughtful suggestion to improve the ways we meet our goals as HSP association. Besides that, if you would like to participate, contribute, to know more about us and what we do from Spain … just do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to know about you, trying to reply as soon as we can.